Plantation Shutters

Our shutters are made by Norman Window Fashions. Norman is the industry standard for interior plantation shutters. The products have a gear system integrated into the shutter to provide a seamless invisible tilt option, They have mortise and tenon joinery, recessed magnets, and reinforced engineered styles. No wonder these are the best selling shutters in the world.

Cordless Faux & Wood Blinds

Our Faux Wood blinds come in a variety of colors. We offer them in 2″ and 2 1/2″ slat sizes and come with a 3 1/4″ designer valance.

Wood blinds are available in over 30 colors. A matching or contrasting cloth tape can be added to enhance and provide a more elegant look. Our wood blinds come in a number of valance choices including a solid wood 4 1/2″ Crown.

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Roman Shades

Roman Shades offer the softness of a drapery with the practicality of a shade, featuring a variety of fabric styles, and light control options. Select either Flat, Batten Back or Soft Fold —whichever shade best suits your decorating style.

Roller Shades

Our roller shades come in the latest sheer, light filtering, solar screen, and blackout fabrics. Lift systems include remote/motorization, cordless, and continuos loop / clutch. Choose from a wide array of valance/fascia options to cover the fabric roll, including curved and square fascia, fabric valance or deluxe wooden crown valance. Our roller shades will be a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and economical addition to your home.

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Our Honeycomb shades are offered in Sheer, Light Filtering, Semi-Opaque and Room Darkening for light and privacy control. They come in a superior number of lift systems including Top-Down Bottom-Up (corded or cordless), Cordless, Continuos loop/clutch, and remote/motorization. They are offered in five different pleat sizes and have hundreds of colors to choose from.

Natural Shades

Natural Shades are crafted from bamboo reed, slit bamboo, sisal, grass, and jute materials. They add natural color, texture, and dimension to your windows and create a comfortable atmosphere of casual elegance or simple sophistication. They come in Standard Roman, old style Roman, or looped Roman designs.

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels are a great solution for glass doors or other large openings. The treatment can be ordered with up to 5 tracks and configured for Left, Right, or Split Stack. Add a 5” or 7” solid wood cornice and decorative keystone for a truly spectacular look.

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Vertical Panels

Vertical Shades are another popular solution for large glass openings. They come in a variety of fabric and vinyl vanes. Choose S-shaped vanes for a rolling drapery look.

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Sheer Shades

Two layers of fabric encase lightweight fabric vanes for effortless light control. The sheer softens incoming light and helps filter out harmful UV rays while providing an outside view. They come in continuous cord loop and motorized lift systems.

Layered Shades

Layered Shades contain 2 layers of horizontal fabric segments alternating between sheer and semi-opaque fabric. When open and the vanes are aligned and light filters through the sheer fabric. They come in continuous cord loop and motorized lift systems.

Motorized & Cordless Options

Motorized blinds can tilt open or closed at the touch of a button, while motorized shades can completely raise or lower.  Ideal for hard-to-reach windows, child and pet safety, media rooms and bedrooms.

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