The Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Plantation Shutter… Part 1

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These are the top ten things to know before you buy a plantation shutter. You can increase the home’s value, but there’s more!

Plantation shutters are true class and quality. Many homeowners love plantation shutters because they are elegant and sophisticated. They also hunt for the right stain to match their decor.

Plantation shutters is a term you may have heard or seen. Because of their similarities to antebellum plantations in America’s Southeast, wood shutters have been called “plantation shutters”. This type of shutter is best suited for larger windows with the largest louvers.

Below is a list of the top 10 things you need to know before buying a plantation shutter. These are essential aspects to be aware of before you make the purchase of the most attractive window coverings available today.


It is important to know what the space should feel like after you have finished. Are you seeking a modern feel with large, open windows? Or a classic feel with double-hung shutters that give the room a more traditional look? There are many design options available, and we can help you navigate the costs and find the best sales.


To ensure that shutters are installed according to manufacturer specifications, a qualified installer is required. This could void your warranty. Wood shutters require attention to detail. To avoid warpage and pinched hinges, ensure that the frames are square and straight.

The shutter will absorb 100% of the UV rays from your window. The shutter can be difficult to install. If the installer is not skilled enough to level the frame properly, it will eventually bend to the new form, causing cracks and warpage. By choosing a dealer that has factory-certified installers, you can avoid this. It is a small price to pay for the 25–50-year life expectancy of your shutter, which is fully covered by the manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.


You can make your shutter look even better with a few inexpensive upgrades. Shutter pulls, shutter locks and hidden hinges are just a few of the options. These upgrades can be purchased for around $25 per door (hidden hinges cost more). The brushed nickel finish looks great with all whites and off-whites. It also pops well when you put on stained wood shutters. The shutter is protected from prying eyes and children, while the pulls protect it from an adult who may not be able to open it properly.


Although wood is the most common material for plantation shutter constructions, there are many areas where it is not the best. Wood shutters (or faux) are not recommended for the garage, attic, or bathroom. They are susceptible to humidity and moisture. There are many options available for these areas. These include ABS polymer louver shutters like the popular “Woodlore Plus” shutter from NORMAN. The “Premium Polyresin 3”, the shutter from Eclipse, is the most durable shutter available.


Motorized window coverings have made it possible to increase your options in 2018 with the advancements in motorization. Motorized window coverings offer many benefits. They are more reliable, cost-effective, efficient, and last longer than single-charge batteries. My blog “Top 10 Reasons to Motorize in 2021” explains all aspects of motorization in a concise, thorough manner. Please take a look.

Motorized shutters can be set to open or close at a specific time. Imagine waking up to your automated shutters in bed. They can be programmed to close during heat. By blocking UV rays from every day, this protects your carpets, wood floors, and fabrics. It is easy to program and use the remote. You can either control each shutter individually or all at once. To truly believe this system, you must watch the video of Norman’s “Remote Tilt”.

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