What You Need Know About Nursery Window Treatments


How to choose curtains for a nursery, safety tips, and more

Blinds or curtains? Venetians, rollers, or both? There are many beautiful window treatment options. Things get more complicated when you add a toddler to the mix. You will need something stylish but safe, practical but also beautiful. And you want nursery curtains at a fair price. It’s not difficult to do: A pair of curtains can quickly become a major headache.

Are you unsure where to begin? We have you covered, and your windows! This helpful list contains the dos and don’ts for nursery windows.

Avoid Floor-Length Draperies

Your curtains may serve some very interesting purposes if your toddler is able to reach them. You don’t want your child to climb on, pull, or wipe their nose on the curtain panels. It is best to keep them simple and out of reach.

Do not let your curtains overshadow the windows

Curtains reduce the window width and can cover a lot of glass, even when they are pulled back. Buy wide-paneled drapes if you plan to use them. Install the rod’s hardware farther from the edge of the window. This will give you the ability to pull the curtains back without blocking the view.

Please ensure your curtain rod is sufficiently long to allow for the extra width. Curtain rods stretched too far can become unstable and collapse.

Consider a Valance

Window blinds: A fabric valance can soften the look of blinds by adding color and texture to your design, while keeping little fingers away.

Don’t be afraid to dress up in expensive roller shades

Roller shades, unlike blinds which can be quite expensive, are very affordable and can be removed completely during the day. This ensures plenty of sunshine. For a soft and colorful look, attach a decorative fabric or light-blocking fabric to the front of a high-quality, ultra-thick model. Does that sound intimidating? It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Introduce patterns?

Choose a fun and patterned fabric to make your nursery look whimsical. To create continuity in your room, make sure you feature the same pattern throughout. You should aim for three to four patterns per room.

Enhance your theme

You are looking for a nautical theme? You might attach some nautical maps to your pull down roller blinds. Window dressings that are worthy of a princess. Cornice boxes with tiara-inspired designs will elevate your window treatments.

Make your window treatments a priority

Always choose your fabric elements first when decorating. It’s easier to select your textiles before you buy paint.

Make sure you properly install window treatments

Blind casings and curtain rods can fall, which can lead to serious injury. All curtain hardware should be attached to a wall stud or secured using the appropriate drywall anchors.

Tension rods should not be used

They are not attached to the wall so spring-loaded tension rods can collapse. This could cause a bad bop to toddlers who pull on the curtain panels. Instead, attach curtain hanging hardware directly to the wall.

Don’t Purchase Embellished Curtains

Curtains that have cording or beading should be avoided. These embellishments can become loose and may be pulled off by curious toddlers, creating a danger of choking. Instead, choose fun prints, rich textures and embroidery.

Do you Childproof your Blinds?

Blinds that have exposed cords too long can be strangulating for children. Make sure that your toddler is not left unsupervised in their bedroom. Install blinds by installing a safety device to prevent cord access. Blinds with new breakaway cords are also an option. They break when they get stressed. This is the perfect time to learn more about childproofing.

Keep Cool

Overheating is known to be a risk factor for SIDS. Research has shown that SIDS risk can be reduced by keeping your child’s bedroom cool and well-circulated.

Even though your nursery may seem cool in the day, it is a smart idea to put heat-reflecting and UV-blocking window treatment.

Double-lined, UV blocking drapes or blinds is a great way to keep your child cool during nap time. UV-blocking window films can also be purchased that reflect the heat of the sun and can be applied directly on to the glass.

Safety first

Sometimes common sense is lost in the rush to get everything perfect before the big day. Preventing nursery accidents is the best defense. Make sure to place safety devices such as stops or window guards on all windows and be mindful of where your furniture is placed. It is not a good idea to put your child in direct sunlight, or too close to the window so they can fall.

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