cellular / honeycomb blinds and shades are fashionable as well as cut energy cost provided by Blinds & Shades Shutters in Ocean View & Millsboro DE in Sussex County

When Considering Energy Savings for Window Treatments, Consider Cellular / Honeycomb Shades

You realize that you need window treatments and are looking for something that fits today’s style as well as cutting your energy costs. Cellular Shade is that option, providing a cutting-edge product that has a modern window shade’s function as well as stylish, clean aesthetics for your room.

(Just to be clear, there is no difference between honeycomb shades and cellular shades, the names are interchangeable. You may also see the names “honeycomb blinds” and “cellular blinds” In this article, we refer to both just as “cellular”)

How Do Cellular Shades Work?

Fabric shades that are formed into cells or pockets are called “cellular shades.” These cells both influence the function of the color and give it its name. Cellular blinds’ construction enables them to completely shade very big windows while taking up very little room when closed. Cellular blinds are now a very sleek, contemporary option for treating any window as a result.

Honeycomb shades, commonly referred to as cellular shades, are a practical choice for your windows. They can assist in reducing heat loss by up to 40% by trapping air between their substance and the window; this accounts for roughly 10% of your energy savings.

You might choose window coverings for a place based on how well they can offer shade, privacy, and style. However, you may also consideration how they could raise the effectiveness of your house. Even though our windows let in lovely natural light, they may also be a significant source of energy loss, which will cost you money when it comes time to pay your utility bills each month.

You Should Consider Cellular Shades:

Contemporary Choices with Timeless Design

Cellular Shades combine the lovely softness of fabrics with all the contemporary solutions for blinds and shades that are currently available. To fit any decor or design, fabrics come in sheer, woven, light-filtering, and room-darkening options. They are therefore the most adaptable product available right now, suitable for use in living spaces, bedrooms, movie rooms, offices, and restrooms.

Children and pets can operate cordless devices safely.

There are cordless variants of cellular shades that are safer for our kids and pets, easier to operate, and cleaner to install. Nearly all blind and shade types now come with cordless choices, however cellular shades are the product that provides the best cordless performance.

Many cellular shades operate without the use of buttons thanks to a revolutionary cordless system. The shade may be raised or lowered to the desired height and will remain in place, and are very fashionable.

Insulation Considerations:

cellular / honeycomb blinds and shades are fashionable as well as cut energy cost provided by Blinds & Shades Shutters in Ocean View & Millsboro DE in Sussex County. Call today for FREE Consultation.

According to Energy.gov, windows can contribute up to 30% of annual heat and cool loss. Thankfully, window treatments are an excellent method to cut down on this energy cost.

The market’s best window treatment for dealing with extreme heat or cold in a window could very well Cellular shades can help you maintain a suitable temperature in your house, regardless of whether you have a window that is constantly battered by the sun or a drafty, leaky window that is frigid in the winter.

The cellular structure insulates your glass by actually trapping air. It really needs to be seen to be believed how well this product blocks heat and cold. You need a cellular shade if you have a hot south-facing window, a drafty window that gets cold in the winter, or a skylight that makes your room feel like an oven.


Depending on the window treatments you select, the season, where you live, and your daily routine, window coverings can save you a certain amount on your energy cost.


Can cellular shades be cleaned?

Indeed, cellular blinds can be cleaned quickly and easily. In most cases, a gentle dusting brush on a vacuum cleaner will do, just remember to always follow manufacturer instructions.

Can someone see through cellular shades in the evening?

No, as long as you select either light-filtering or room-darkening textiles, cellular shades offer seclusion. These shades are an excellent option when privacy is a major need, just stay away from sheer fabrics if privacy is a concern.

How energy efficient are cellular shades?

As covered above, Cellular blinds are an excellent option if energy efficiency is a priority. Several government studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of cellular blinds, all resulting in excellent insulation factors resulting in energy savings.

Resource: https://www.energy.gov/sites/default/files/2021-12/bto-cellular-shades-factsheet-112221.pdf


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